Autowell Automation (Suzhou) Company was established in 2002.Insist on people oriented, keep improving and continuous research concept, now it has been a precise automatic machine manufacture enterprise integrated design, manufacture, assembly and after service. His products are all for the automatic requirements in any electric product producing process.
    High-level non-standard equipment supplier and advanced system integration supplier
    Autowell is aimed to be a customized high-level non-standard equipment supplier and advanced system integration supplier. So company business are all oriented by customers’ requirement, following specification discussion (to confirm and master customers’ requirement), design and manufacture (to confirm customers’ requirement), delivery ( to check equipment) and after service (to deeply aware of customers’ demand).
    Perfect management
    Autowell has an efficient and scientific organization chart. It’s close cooperation and team work of different groups impressed so many customers. Based on this, Autowell can give response to customers’ requirement at first time, which is the most important factor in nowaday market competency.
    Competent design capability both in mechanic and electric
    Autowell owns a group of design talents in mechanic, electronic control and software, totally about 20 members. 70% of them have 5-year semi-conductor package equipments design experience. Such as in PLC,PC-BASE,visual control system, driver system, ROBOT and pneumatics aspects. These professional designers make up of solid base of Autowell.  
    Management Concepts
    People Oriented
    Powerful designed output of machine and electronic control is a must for a professional automation equipment supplier, which is just the superiority and vital force of Autowell. Autowell gathered a group of creative, aggressive and experienced young engineers and built up such a professional team. These precious engineers make company develop better and faster past, present and future.
    Keep Improving
    As a new- and high-tech enterprise of precise electric equipment supplier, Autowell always keep improving on equipment quantity and service level to a perfect degree.
    Continuous Research
    To meet customers requirement and expectation is the paramount object of Autowell develop. Autowell is keeping improving on its product, service, process of production and the system, aiming at a greatest company.
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